Abraham Lincoln Quotes and Biography 2022

Abraham Lincoln was an  American lawyer and statesman and without uttering he is the most known president of the United States (16th President) between the years of 1861 till 1865 i.e. till his assassination.

Lincoln was born on 12th Feb 1809 and passed away on 15th Apr 1865. He was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky, U.S. and passed away in Washington D.C. Abraham Lincoln was the one to lead the nation through the American Civil War and also succeeded in preserving the Union.

He has abolished slavery, bolstered the federal Government and also modernized the U.S. economy.


Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor family in a log cabin in Kentucky and was brought up in the frontier, primarily in Indiana. He is a self-educated man and also was a lawyer. He is also a Whig Party leader, Illinois state legislator, and U.S. Congressman from Illinois.

During the year of 1849, he got back to his law practice and got vexed as a result of the Kansas–Nebraska Act of 1854.  He made his come back to politics in the year of 1854, he became the leader of the new Republican Party and reached the national audience in the year of 1858’s Senate campaign debates against Stephen Douglas.

He started his run for being the President in the year of 1860 and went to the North for the victory.


Early life, Family and Relationship

Abraham Lincoln was a descendant of an English man who has migrated from the Hingham, Norfolk Hingham, Massachusetts, in the year of 1638 whose name is Samuel Lincoln.


Father: Thomas Lincoln

Mother: Nancy Hanks Lincoln

Brother: Thomas Lincoln, Jr.

Sister: Sarah Lincoln Grigsby,


His family later migrated to the West, passing to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Abraham Lincoln’s grandparents were Captain Abraham Lincoln and his wife Bathsheba has moved from the Virginia to Jefferson County, Kentucky. The captain was killed during an Indian raid in the year of 1786.


Abraham Lincoln Success and career

In the period when Abraham Lincoln returned from the Black Hawk War, he was planning to become a blacksmith and later he didn’t do that but had a partnership with William Berry.

This partnership went on by he purchased a general store on credit which is in New Salem, Illinois. As there was a licence required William Berry bought a licence for bartending for seven dollars each for Lincoln and himself.

Later in the year of 1833, the store was a tavern and as licensed bartenders, they both sold spirits, including liquor, for 12 cents a pint.

In such a way from small to big, he always did something and had a vision for the wellness of people on his days and did not prove himself truthful and worthy of it but lived with the conscience worthy of it.

Abraham Lincoln Quotes and Biography 2022


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