Bad Romance The Vicky White Story Lifetime movie 2023

The Movie Bad Romance The Vicky White Story will be released on October 21, 2023.

Story of Bad Romance The Vicky White Story

Every day after Wendi McLendon-Covey got divorced felt the same, just like the movie Groundhog Day, where everything was boring and repetitive. But then, a new prisoner named Casey White, played by Rossif Sutherland, arrived at her facility. They started to really like each other secretly.

Vicky, that’s Wendi’s character, started giving Casey extra attention because she thought he saw her in a special way, unlike anyone else. But there was a problem. Casey was going to be moved to a different prison for a very long time.

So, Vicky made a bold decision. She decided to break Casey out of jail and run away with him, trying to escape from the police for eleven days. Even though they knew it might end in a sad way, they believed it was worth it to experience life fully once again.

Cast of Bad Romance The Vicky White Story

1 Wendi McLendon-Covey as Vicky White

Wendi McLendon also known as Wendi McLendon-Covey is an American Actress, Producer and Writer. She is popular for her roles in The Goldbergs (year 2013-2023, as Beverly Goldberg), Reno 911 (year 2003-2022, as Deputy Clementine Johnson, Water Heater Lady, Newlywed Bride), Blended (year 2014, as Jen), and Bridesmaids (year 2011, as Rita).

Some of the latest projects of Wendi McLendon are St. Denis Medical (as Joyce), Bad Romance: The Vicky White Story (year 2023, as Vicky White) and Sick Girl (year 2023, as Carol Pepper). Read Full Bigraphy

2 Rossif Sutherland as Casey White

Rossif Sutherland is a well known Canadian Actor, Producer and Composer. He is known for his roles in Reign (years 2013- 2015, 20 episodes, as Nostradamus), Hyena Road (year 2015, as Warrant Officer Ryan Sanders), Possessor (year 2020, as Michael Vos), and River (year 2015, as John Lake).

Rossif was born on September 25, 1978, in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. Right now, he is 45 years old and falls under the zodiac sign of Libra. Rossif comes from a family of actors. His parents, Francine Racette and Donald Sutherland, are both famous Canadian actors. Read Full Biography

3 Stephanie Sy as Marshall Laura Chen

Stephanie Sy is a Canadian-Filipino Actress and a Director. She is known for her roles in Seance (year 2021, as Yvonne), FUBAR (year 2023, as Sandy), Champions (year 2023, as Reporter), and Violent Night (year 2022, as Sugarplum).

The upcoming projects of Stephanie Sy are Lucky Strikes (as Sarah), Ordinary Angels (as Amy Chan) and Bad Romance: The Vicky White Story (as Marshall Laura Chen). Read Full Biography

4 John B. Lowe as Warden

5 Jeff Strome as Inmate Shank

6 David Tomlinson as Frat Boy #1

7 Bradley Sawatzky as Senior Task Force Member

Marina Stephenson Kerr as Susan

Joanne Rodriguez as Charlene

Sharon Bajer as Intimacy coordinator

Stephen Eric McIntyre as Frat Boy #1

Jean-Jacques Javier as Gun Shop Salesperson

Aaron Hughes as Gus Foste

Jason Salamandyk as Judge

Chris Sigurdson as Sheriff Don Nicholson

Keishon Joseph as Tim

Don Tjart as Homeowner


Movie Highlights

Movie Bad Romance The Vicky White Story
Genre Crime
Network Lifetime Channel
Release Date October 21, 2023
Director Stanley M. Brooks
Writer Richard Blaney, Gregory Small

Where to Watch Bad Romance The Vicky White Story?

Bad Romance The Vicky White Story Movie will premiere on October 21, 2023, on Lifetime Channel.

Bad Romance The Vicky White Story Lifetime movie 2023


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