Boy In The Walls Lifetime Movie 2023

The Lifetime Movie Boy in the Walls releases on August 05, 2023.

Story of Boy in the Walls

Recently married Alisa Jensen (Ryan Michelle Bathe) is adjusting to her new job as the stepmother of Maya (Cassandra Sawtell) and Theo (Mikkal Karim-Fidler), as well as giving up her busy Manhattan life for a tranquil one in rural Connecticut. With her husband Chris (Luke Camilleri) frequently away at work, little career prospects, and a disobedient Maya to deal with, Alisa hopes this move will be a fresh start but finds herself crumbling under the pressure.

However, Alisa can’t get rid of the impression that someone is constantly monitoring her once she hears odd noises within the house. Later, Alisa discovers the horrifying truth about what is actually inside the walls. As Joe, played by Jonathan Whitesell, Alisa, and her family are being watched covertly.

The Cast of Boy in the Walls

1 Ryan Michelle Bathe as Alisa Jensen

Boy In The Walls Lifetime Movie 2023

Ryan Michelle Bathe was born on 27th of July 1976 and her place of birth is St. Louis, Missouri, US. The current age of Ryan is 47 years and her zodiac sign is Leo. Ryan grew up in Stamford, Connecticut.

Ryan’s mother’s name is Clare Bathe and she used to be a singer and actress. Her mother was a member of the rock group named Machine. The name of Ryan’s sister is Nichelle Hines. Read Full Biography

2 Luke Camilleri as Chris

Boy In The Walls Lifetime Movie 2023

Luke Camilleri was born on 23rd of June 1984 and his place of birth is Vancouver, Canada. The current age of Luke is 39 years and his zodiac sign is Cancer.

Some of the famous roles of Luke Camilleri can be seen in A Series of Unfortunate Events, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Shut Eye, and Hemlock Grove. His latest roles can be seen in Family Law, Wedding Season, and Boy in the Walls. Read Full Biography

3 April Telek as Chief Watkins

4 Jonathan Whitesell as Joe

5 Cassandra Sawtell as Maya

6 Jace Fleming as Ethan

7 Mikkal Karim Fidler as Theo

8 Bebeyana Aweit as Chloe

Movie Highlights

Movie Boy in the Walls
Genre Thriller
Network My Lifetime
Release Date August 05, 2023 (United States)

Where to Watch Boy in the Walls?

Boy in the Walls Lifetime Movie will premiere on Lifetime Channel on August 05, 2023.

Boy in the Walls


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