Buying Back My Daughter Movie, Released Date, Cast, Story 2023

The Movie Buying Back My Daughter will be released on October 07, 2023.

Story of Buying Back My Daughter

When Meagan Good plays the role of Dana and Roger Cross plays the role of Curtis, their 16-year-old daughter Alicia, played by Faith Wright, sneaks out of the house to go to a party. Like many teenagers, she’s going through a rebellious phase, and things get serious. Dana and the police start an extensive search to find her after almost a year of searching for her missing daughter, The mother’s intuition leads Dana to the sensual world of online escort ads where, to her horror, she finds her Alicia listed for sale. Dana and Curtis spring into action and attempt to “buy their daughter back” in order to rescue her from the trafficker who abducted Alicia and subjected her to unspeakable harm. Ariana Madix stars as Karen, a police officer who helps investigate the case and has a personal connection to the story.

The cast of Buying Back My Daughter

1 Meagan Good as Dana

Meagan Good is an Actress Model, Director, and Producer. Actress Meagan Good’s name is also spelled as Megan Good. The birth name of Meagan Good is Meagan Monique Good and her nickname is Mz Good.

Some of the popular roles of Meagan Good can be seen in D.E.B.S., The Unborn, Brick, and Think Like a Man. Her upcoming projects are Divorce in the Black and Buying Back My Daughter. Read Full Biography

2 Ariana Madix as Karen

Ariana Madix is an Actress, Author, Business Woman, and a Producer who works in the Hollywood movies and tv series. Some of the famous roles of Ariana Madix can be seen in The Other Two, Waking Up with Strangers, Anger Management, and Vanderpump Rules. Her upcoming projects are Tilt-A-World and Buying Back My Daughter.

Ariana Madix first appeared in a short film named “Swing Vote: What Side Are You On” in the year 2008. Her first TV series is The CollegeHumor Show (year 2009). Her debut movie is Working It Out (year 2010). Read Full Biography

3 Roger Cross as Curtis

4 BJ Harrison as Mama Grace

BJ Harrison is an Actress. The full name of BJ Harrison is Barbara Jeanne Harrison. Some of the famous roles of BJ Harrison can be seen in 2012, Triple Dog, Tooth Fairy, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Her upcoming projects are Kinships, Holidazed, Dead Boy Detectives, and Buying Back My Daughter.

BJ Harrison was born on 19th of July and her place of birth is Los Angeles, California, USA. The exact year of birth of BJ is not known. But she seems to be in the age group of 70 to 80 years. Read Full Biography

5 Aaron Douglas as Ron

Aaron Douglas is an Actor. He has done many  TV shows and movies like The Inspectors 2: A Shred of Evidence, Hollywood Off-Ramp, Cold Squad, The Outer Limits, Love and Treason, Dark Angel, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, Stargate SG-1, Breaking News, American Dreams, Taken, Final Destination 2, Just Cause, Black Sash, Out of Order, Lucky 7, and Battlestar Galactica.

Some of the famous roles of Aaron Douglas can be seen in The Bridge, The Wedding Cottage, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and Battlestar Galactica. Read Full Biography

6 Jennifer Ens as Destiny

Jennifer Ens is a promising young Canadian Actress. She started her acting career in the year 2021 with the American Horror Television Series Chapelwaite where she played the role of Honor Boone.

Jennifer is an upcoming actress and certainly, audiences will get to see incredible performances from her end in the coming future. Read Full Biography

7 Brenna O’Brien as Lori

Brenna O’Brien is an immensely talented Canadian Actress and a Visual Effects Artist. She has done lots of movies and TV shows. Some of the special roles of Brenna O’Brien can be seen in Iron Man: Armored Adventures (as Rhoda Erwin), Charlie St. Cloud (as Girl in Toy Store), X-Men: The Last Stand (as Minivan Daughter), and Supernatural (as Cecily).

Brenna’s upcoming project is Buying Back My Daughter and she is playing the role of Lori. Read Full Biography

8 Faith Wright as Alicia

Faith Wright is an American talented Actress and  Director. Some of the famous roles of Faith Wright can be seen in Riverdale (as Tracey Thomas), So Help Me Todd (as Elise Callam), and The Night Agent (as Jasmine).

Faith Wright first appeared in a TV series named “Say What” in the year 2007 and she played the role of Faith. Her debut movie is Separate Sights (year 2020) and in this movie she played the role of Makayla.

Apart from being an actress, Faith Wright is a director. She is the director of Say What (1 episode) and For You (4 episodes). Read Full Biography

9 Ramudhi Ekanayake as Young woman

10 Theresa Wong as Nancy

Theresa Wong is an Actress, TV Chef and a Web Designer. Some of the special roles of Theresa Wong can be seen in Deadly Class (as Shu), Just Add Romance (as Beverly Chadwick), Surface (as Miranda), and Devil in Ohio (as Dr. Beverly Daniels).

Theresa Wong is a popular name in the Canadian and Australian Cinematic World. This actress was born in Singapore and she has grown up in Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia. Her parents are restaurateurs and Theresa also loves cooking. Read Full Biography

11 Bianca Lawrence as Cadence

Bianca Lawrence is a young and upcoming actress in the cinematic world. Bianca Lawrence first appeared in a short film named “Her Coming” in the year 2020. In this film, Bianca played the role of a student. Her debut TV movie is Kite Festival of Love (year 2021) and in this movie she was given the role of Isabelle. Read Full Biography

Movie Highlights

Movie Buying Back My Daughter
Genre Drama
Network Lifetime Channel
Release Date October 07, 2023
Director Troy Scott
Writer Barbara Marshall

Where to Watch Buying Back My Daughter?

Buying Back My Daughter Movie will premiere on October 07, 2023, on Lifetime Channel.

Buying Back My Daughter Lifetime Movie 2023


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