Danger Lurking Under My Roof, Cast, Released Date 2023

The Lifetime Movie Danger Lurking Under My Roof will be released on August 10, 2023.

Story of Danger Lurking Under My Roof

Roxanne Robinson (Kristi Murdock) thought to help others, starting with her own family. But suddenly she changes her mind when her teenage daughter disappears. People start thinking that her new neighbors, Ella (Alisha Ricardi) and Lucy (Amelie Anstett ), might be involved because they now live in the backyard of Roxanne’s nice home.

The Cast of Danger Lurking Under My Roof

1 Kristi Murdock

Kristi Mudrock is an Actress. She has done movies and TV shows like A Furry Little Christmas, Spring Break Nightmare, Secrets on Sorority Row, Squeaky Clean Mysteries Hazardous Duty, Husband, Wife and Their Lover, Something’s Brewing, Daddy Can’t Dance, Who Stole My Daughter, Rapture Camp, Reflections, Trust in Love, and My Nightmare Office Affair. Apart from these, Kristi Mudrock has given various other cinematic performances.

The alternative name of Kristi Mudrock is Braeden Avery. Since childhood, Kristi Mudrock has been an artistically inclined person. As a child, she loved reading books, drawing, and painting. She loved arts during her school time and used her imaginative mind in a creative way. Read Full Biography

2 James Hyde

James Hyde is an American Actor. He has done movies and TV shows like Prisoner of Love, Abduction Runs in the Family, Miami Sands, Deadly Girls Night Out, Passions, Crazy, Rich and Deadly, Dutch, My Best Friend’s Secret Life, Love at First Like, Love Under the Lemon Tree, Monarca, Ghost Forest, Another World.

James Hyde was born on October 09, 1962, in Lancaster, Ohio, US. The current age of James is 60 years and his zodiac sign is Libra.

He is one of the five children in his family. His mother used to be a Country Singer. After completing his high school education, James Hyde joined the military. Later on, his artistic talent was identified by a modeling agent in Hawaii. Read Full Biography

3 Noémi VanSlyke as Macie Robinson

4 Sassan Saffari as Detective Davis

5 Amelie Anstett as Lucy

6 Alisha Ricardi as Ella

7 Jordan Hubbard as Officer South

8 Grace Aubry as Sasha

9 Noah Brown as Ryan

10 Brian Robert Burns as John Carter

Movie Highlights

Movie Danger Lurking Under My Roof
Genre Thriller
Network LMN
Release Date August 10, 2023 (United States)
Director John Murlowski
Writer Carina Rodney

Where to Watch Danger Lurking Under My Roof?

Danger Lurking Under My Roof Lifetime Movie will premiere on LMN on August 10, 2023.


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