Devil on My Doorstep Lifetime Movie 2023

The Movie Devil on My Doorstep will be released on November 11, 2023

Story of Devil on My Doorstep

Chloe (played by Lyndon Smith)works at a place where they send packages to people. She notices that one of the delivery drivers, Theo (played by Steve Kazee), is acting strangely. He’s taking packages for someone who doesn’t live on his regular route. Chloe finds out that he’s doing this to meet a famous person named Natasha (played by Jenna Dewan), who’s popular on social media. Chloe gets curious and becomes interested in Natasha too. She becomes really obsessed with Natasha and pretends to be someone else to be her friend. But Natasha’s best friend, Sloan, starts to get suspicious of the new people in Natasha’s life. Sloan is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Natasha, even if it’s dangerous.

The cast of Devil on My Doorstep

1 Steve Kazee as Theo

Steve Kazee is an Actor, Producer, Singer, and Music Artist. He is known for his roles in Blindspot (the year 2018, 2 episodes, as Clem Hahn), Nashville (the year 2016, 2 episodes, as Riff Bell), The Walking Dead (the year 2019, 1 episode, as Frank), and Shameless (years 2015-2016, 14 episodes, as Gus Pfender).

Steve Kazee was born on October 30, 1975, and his place of birth is Ashland, Kentucky, United States. The current age of Steve is 47 years and his zodiac sign is Scorpio. The complete birth name of this actor is Steven Michael Kazee and his nickname is Steve.

Apart from being an actor, Steve Kazee is a producer and he is also associated with the soundtrack department in cinematic projects. He is the executive producer of Devil on My Doorstep. Read Full Biography

2 Rachel Lindsay as Sloan

Rachel Lindsay is an Actress, Attorney, Author, Host, and Media Personality. She is known for her roles in The Bachelor (years 2017-2020, 15 episodes, as a contestant), The Bachelorette (years 2017-2020, as self), Not Past It (year 2023, 1 episode, as self), and Made for Love (year 2021, 1 episode, as Tattle! Host).

Rachel Lindsay was born on April 21, 1985, and her place of birth is Dallas, Texas, US. The current age of Rachel is 38 years and her zodiac sign is Taurus. The names of her parents are Kathy Lindsay and Sam A. Lindsay.

Rachel Lindsay is recognized for her work in “Made for Love” where she played the role of a Host. Apart from this, she is also known for “Not Past It” (Podcast Series). Read Full Biography

3 Lyndon Smith as Chloe

Lyndon Smith is an American Actress. She is known for her roles in I’m Sorry (year 2017, 2 episodes, as Miss Shelly), Step Sisters (year 2018, as Danielle), Parenthood (years 2013-2015, 19 episodes, as Natalie), and National Treasure: Edge of History (years 2022-2023, as Agent Ross).

Lyndon Smith was born on June 07, 1989, and her place of birth is Pensacola, Florida, US. The current age of Lyndon is 34 years and her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Lyndon Smith started her acting career in TV series like That’s What She Said (year 2010, as Becca), Cassandra French’s Finishing School for Boys (year 2012, as Claire), Californication (year 2013), and 90210 (year 2013, as Michaela). The debut TV movie of Lyndon is Reckless (year 2013, as Allie). Read Full Biography

4 Jenna Dewan as Natasha

Movie Highlights

Movie Devil on My Doorstep
Genre Thriller
Network Lifetime Channel
Release Date November 11, 2023
Director Nicole L. Thompson
Writer Lauren Caster and Erica Lane

Where to Watch Devil on My Doorstep?

Devil on My Doorstep will premiere on November 11, 2023, on Lifetime Channel.

Devil on My Doorstep Lifetime Movie 2023


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