Murdaugh Murders The Movie Lifetime movie 2023

The Movie The Venice Murders will be released on October 14, 2023.

Story of Murdaugh Murders The Movie

“Murdaugh Murders: The Movie” tells the real-life story of a man named Alex Murdaugh, played by the famous actor Bill Pullman. In the story, Alex was found guilty of killing his wife and son, Maggie (played by Lauren K. Robek) and Paul ( played by Curtis Tweedie).

For a very long time, the Murdaugh family, who were rich and influential, had a lot of control in the South Carolina low country. They were in charge of handling legal cases in a certain part of the state. But beneath all the wealth, fancy parties, and nice clothes, Alex had many secrets.

Even though Alex had a lot of power, he couldn’t stop the family’s reputation from getting damaged when Paul was in a boat accident that resulted in the death of a young girl. While Maggie was worried about what was happening to Paul, Alex was hiding the fact that he was addicted to strong pain-relief medicines called opioids. He was also stealing money from his own clients to pay for his addiction and to maintain the family’s luxurious lifestyle.

Then, in June 2021, something terrible happened. Maggie and Paul were discovered dead, and people started suspecting Alex. The story got even stranger when someone tried to shoot Alex in the head. As more information came out, it became clear that Alex had done a lot of wrong things, and his once-charmed life started to fall apart.

1 Bill Pullman as Alex Murdaugh

Bill Pullman Biography Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, and Career

Bill Pullman is an Actor, Director and a Producer. He is known for his roles in Lost Highway (year1997, as Fred Madison), Spaceballs (year 1987, as Lone Starr), Independence Day: Resurgence (year 2016, as President Whitmore), and Independence Day (year 1996, as President Thomas J. Whitmore).

Bill Pullman was born on December  17, 1953, and his place of birth is Hornell, New York, US. The current age of Bill is 69 years and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The names of his parents are James Pullman and Johanna Pullman. The names of 2 of his siblings are Jay Pullman and Joe Pullman.

Bill Pullman first appeared in a TV series named “Cagney and Lacey” in the year 1986 and in this series, he played the role Dr. Giordano. His debut movie is “Ruthless People” (year 1986, as Earl). Later on Bill Pullman got a chance to star in Spaceballs (as Lone Starr), The Serpent and the Rainbow (as Dennis Alan), and Rocket Gibraltar (as Crow Black). Read Full Biography

2 Robyn Bradley as Isabelle Claybourne

Robyn Bradley is a talented Canadian Actress. She is popular for her roles in Sleigh Bells Ring (year 2016, as Aunt Audrey), When We Rise (year 2017, White House Secretary), The Man in the High Castle (year 2018, Jewish Attendee), and Supergirl (year 2017, as Wedding Planner).

Robyn Bradley is based in Vancouver. She has immense experience of working in the community theatre. The alternative name of Robyn Bradley is Robin Bradley. Robyn Bradley has attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Read Full Biography

3 Jess Brown as Lindsey Edwards

Jess Brown is an endowed Actress. She is known for her roles in So Help Me Todd (year 2023, played the role of Elise), Cruel Summer (year 2021, played the role of Jane Chambers), Vote One for Love (year 2023, played the role of Stacey), and The Now (year 2021, played the role of Female Driver as Jessica Brown).

Her upcoming projects are The Friend Zone (as Natalie), Vote One for Love (as Stacy), and Murdaugh Murders: The Movie (as Lindsey Edwards). Read Full Biography

4 Curtis Tweedie as Paul Murdaugh

5 Craig March as Dean Gilbert

6 Lesley Mirza as Court Official

7 Avril Nickolls as Mallory

Avril Nickolls is an upcoming actress. She is known for her roles in Dream Job (year 2022, as Natasha Hendrix) and Wildreness (year2023, as Blonde Waitress).

The complete name of Avril Nickolls is Avril Dorothy Nickolls. On the online platform, there are no exact details about Avril Nickolls’ date of birth, place of birth, parents, siblings, and education. Read Full Biography

8 Vanessa Walsh as Agent Andrea Carter

9 June B. Wilde As Becky Hill

10 Quinten James as Connor Cook

11 Desiree Zurowski as Rebecca

12 Michael Buie as Corey Flemming

13 Lauren K. Robek as Margaret Murdaugh

14 Tanja Dixon-Warren as Gloria Satterfield

15 Bobby Stewart as Judge Newman

Movie Highlights

Movie Murdaugh Murders The Movie
Genre Crime, Drama
Network Lifetime Channel
Release Date October 14, 2023
Director Update Soon
Writer Update Soon

Where to Watch The Venice Murders?

Murdaugh Murders The Movie- Movie will premiere on October 14, 2023, on Lifetime Channel.

Murdaugh Murders The Movie Lifetime movie 2023


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