Paul Harvey Quotes and Biography 2022

Paul Harvey was an American radio broadcaster on the ABC News Radio. He was born on 4th Sep 1918 and passed away by 28th Feb 2009. Paul Harvey Aurandt is the birth name of Paul Harvey. Paul has been in the broadcast News and he was also a commentator in the mornings & middays on the weekdays and during noon on Saturdays. He has also been in the famous The Rest of the Story segments. Between the years of 1951 till 2008 he has done a lot of programs that actually reached a huge number approximately 24 million people per week. Paul Harvey’s news works were carried to 1,200 radio stations in American Forces Network stations and in 300 newspapers.


Early life, Family and Relationship

Paul Harvey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was the son of a policeman. He was killed by a robber in the year of 1921. Paul has made radio receivers all by himself as a young boy and he has gone to Tulsa Central High School as for his schooling and he was two years ahead of the future actor Tony Randall.


Father: Harry Harrison Aurandt

Mother: Anna Dagmar Christensen Aurandt

Brothers: N/A

Sisters: N/A


His teacher Isabelle Ronan has recommended him to start working in KVOO in Tulsa in the year of 1933 as she was impressed by his voice. He got chances eventually and finally once he was on-air by reading commercials and the news. He also started working in KVOO when he was at the University of Tulsa, he started as an announcer and later of which he was a program director. He also was working as a station manager for KFBI AM and now is known as KFDI where he was working there for three years. This radio station also had its studios in Salina in Kansas.


Paul Harvey Success and career

Paul Harvey then moved to Hawaii to in order to help the US Navy as it was going to the fleet in the Pacific. Later he was returning to the mainland from the assignment to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. On seeing his attitude he was enlisted in the US Army Air Forces but served between the period of December 1943 to March 1944. In his lifetime he has gone through many things and gone forward with all the ups and downs anybody can and stood his ground and has marked his name in the history.

Paul Harvey Quotes and Biography 2022


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